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I can only remember one 10 commandments joke, it goes like this.  We know that Moses had to go up the mountain twice ostensibly because in his anger Moses smashed the tablets when he came down the mountain the first time, seeing the people worshipping a golden calf.  Before he went back up the mountain though, there were some secret negotiations.  So when Moses came down for the second time he said, I have good news and bad news first the good news, I got Him from 12 to 10, the bad news is adultery stays! 


The Ten Commandments, what could anyone possibly have to say about the 10 commandments, don’t you just have to do what they say and then lead a boring life?  In fact no, that is not correct; the 10 commandments were given on the road from slavery to freedom in a new land.  Ethicist Paul Lehman, a Lutheran who relies heavily on Martin Luther describes the 10 commandments this way.  He says, “seeing that you are who you are, where you are and as you are, this is the way ahead, the way of being and living in the truth, the way of freedom…The Decalogue (10 commandments) is the ‘codebook’ that signals a preparation for living by pathways and patterns of reciprocal responsibility in a world that has been made fit for being human in.  In this world, the Decalogue is at hand as a primer for learning to spell, and especially to spell our freedom.”

This Lent we at St. Luke’s are offering an opportunity for reflection on the place of the 10 commandments in our lives as we move to the celebration of Easter, the festival of freedom. Come and join us! We begin with a simple supper at 6:00 and discussion begins at 6:30 to 7:30

Thursday, March 5 - The context of the 10 commandments in the Exodus

Thursday, March 12 - The first Commandment- what does it mean to have a God.

Thursday, March 19 -  The second and third commandments You shall not go about with name of God as though it made no difference and Shabbat, Shalom and the responsibility for creation

Thursday, March 26 - The fourth, fifth and sixth commandment :The family, abortion and homosexuality.

Thursday, April 2 - The seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth; Property, false witness, vocation and belonging